How Many Vehicles Do You Have Available?

  • We currently have two matching beige and white Kombis available, ‘Dormy’ and ‘Stormy’, see ‘Our Wedding Cars’ section above.

Where are you located?

  • Coastal Kombis is based in Ocean Grove on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. img_3904-blog

What region do you predominately operate within  ( i.e. Bellarine Peninsula only)?

  • Considering the age of our vehicles and associated transit times we generally operate in the Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast (Torquay) areas, 30 minutes drive from our home base.  However if your wedding is outside of these geographic locations we will endeavour to accommodate you if at all possible.

Is there a surcharge if my wedding is outside of that region?

  • Yes usually, however this will depend upon the distances and time involved to travel to and from your applicable location.  Please discuss this with us personally and we will do everything we can to be of service.

Do all of the cars have current Roadworthy Certificates (RWC)?

  • Yes as part of our accreditation and licensing requirements all of our vehicles must obtain an independent RWC every 12 months.

Do all drivers hold the correct and applicable licences and/or certificates?

  • Yes.  All Coastal Kombi’s drivers are fully accredited and will carry with them:jean-blog
    • Drivers Licence
    • Driver Authorisation and Accreditation
    • Special Purpose Vehicle Licence, and
    • Insurance cover documentation pertaining to vehicle and public liability

    Coastal Kombi’s drivers are required to maintain a zero alcohol consumption policy to ensure your safety.

    Our drivers are there to assist you on your special day and will not just drive, open doors and help you getting in and out of the vehicles but also anything else that may aid you and other passengers, please just ask.

Do the drivers conduct a rehearsal / reconnaissance of the pick-up and route taken etc?

  • Our policy is for our drivers to conduct a practice run at least two weeks out from your applicable wedding day to ensure that all of the timings’, locations and where and when everyone are to be collected are noted and can be achieved within the time frames you specify.  If we believe that there will be an issue we will advise you immediately.

What insurance cover do you have?

  • All of our vehicles and drivers have comprehensive insurance cover.blog20

How many passengers can each vehicle carry?

  • Both ‘Dormy’ and ‘Stormy’ can carry up to eight (8) passengers if required.
  • They also have heaps of room in the rear area for any additional items that you might require for your special day.

Do the Kombi’s have seat belts?

  • Yes by law all of our vehicles are required to provide seat belts for all passengers.

Carriage of Children

  • Being vintage vehicles our Kombi’s do not have the seating and restraint requirements to transport children under the age of seven.  However if you really wish to have children with you in the bridal car when you arrive at the ceremony an option is to have the children follow the bridal cars in another vehicle and conduct a quick  changeover stop a short distance from the ceremony location enabling the children to make a grand entrance with you.

How early do you arrive at the nominated pick-up location?

  • We will arrive at the nominated collection location a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure to ensure adequate time for introductions with the bridal party and to cater to any pre-departure photographs etc.


Can you pick up the Groom and Groomsmen and take them to the ceremony as well?

  • Yes of course.  Obviously if your collection locations are close to each other we may be able to utilise the same vehicle / vehicles for all of your party.  Please discuss this with us.   img_2870-blog

What happens if you break down?  Do you have a contingency plan?

  • This is an extremely important question that all wedding car providers should answer honestly and upfront.  Our particular vehicles are obviously older style cars and while they are all lovingly maintained and serviced regularly even modern vehicles can break-down and/or suffer a puncture at the most inopportune moment.
  • One of the primary reasons for our ‘regional’ focus is that our Kombi’s are usually never more than 30 to 60 minutes from home base and therefore in the unfortunate event of a breakdown we hopefully will be able dispatch a replacement vehicle and/or mechanic.
  • Once you have entrusted your transportation to us for your big day you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to fulfil our obligation to you.
  • However we would be remiss in our duty of care to you to not advise that despite of the extreme unlikelihood of a breakdown/mechanical failure occurring on your big day, we always would recommend that as a sensible precaution you nominate a friend or guest at the wedding who is placed on standby with their vehicle, ready to step in just in case.

Can I see the cars before I book?

  • Absolutely, you are more than welcome to come and see our cars.  We also offer a free service where we will take you for a spin down the beach and meet with us and discuss face to face all of the aspects you desire for your day so that you are happy with Coastal Kombi’s being involved in your special day.
  • You can also view details of weddings we have been involved in on our our Facebook page at:  http://www.facebook.com/CoastalKombiWeddings?ref=stream

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Will the vehicles that I book be the ones that are actually used on the day?

  • Every effort is made to provide the exact vehicle make and model ordered, however it must be understood that these are older vehicles and while they are maintained to a very high standard  there is always, as with any car, a chance of mechanical breakdown.   To cater for this unlikely situation we always try and maintain a backup vehicle.
  • To date, touch wood, we have never suffered any mechanical issues and our aim remains to ensure that our small part in your special day happens with little if any bother to you.
  • Coastal Kombi’s does however reserve the right to offer the next best substitute vehicle if a worst case scenario were to occur, or a full refund will be provided if you would prefer.

Are the cars air-conditioned / heated?

  • Being older vehicles our Kombi’s are not equipped with air conditioning however we provide hand held fans if the ‘heat is on’.  We also have some very nice warm ‘blankies’ for the ladies if it is a bit chilly.blog15

Do you have two or three matching cars?

  • We have two matching beige and white wedding vehicles, ‘Dormy’ and ‘Stormy, see ‘Our Wedding Cars’ section above.   
  • We also have access through our ‘Kombi Crew’ of a number of other excellent Kombi’s if you have aspirations for a huge gathering or have a particular colour that you might prefer.

How many cars will we need?

  • Obviously this is wholly dependent upon the size of your individual wedding party and your personal desires and budget.  By being regionally focused we have found that we can usually transport both the Groom’s and the Bride’s parties to the ceremony locations in the one Kombi, or you may wish to utilise both of our Kombi’s (they love being together and look really great in photos).

Do you provide a late night (i.e. after reception) collection service?

  • Yes we are available to transport you from your reception to your wedding night accommodations if required.  Please discuss this with us.

Can you provide references?

  • Yes we are more than happy to.  You can see reviews from our couples on our facebook page, or speak with us directly and we will be delighted to put you in touch with previous couples who have given their approval to provide their contact details as referees.
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What happens if we run over the booked time, will you leave?

  •  No.  It remains our policy to only conduct one wedding per day per vehicle/vehicles involved.  We appreciate and acknowledge that this is a very special day and our experience is that all weddings tend to go over time and while we could obtain additional bookings etc we could never honourably be able to ‘drive away’ and leave you in distress.
  • If you do exceed the booked time frame the first 15 minutes of overtime are on us, a wedding gift as it were.   After that each vehicle will incur overtime charges per 15 minute intervals, such extra costs that occur will be charged at a rate of $50 for every 15 minutes and are to be paid to the driver on the day as it is the drivers time that is now being used.

What are your rates?

  • A great deal of effort is required to ensure our Kombi’s are mechanically maintained and serviced, fully and appropriately licenced and accredited by the Victorian Taxi Directorate and also fully insured and well presented for you on your special day regardless of if it is a one hour or an all day wedding and as stated above our policy is to only conduct one wedding per vehicle per day.

  • We have a minimum booking duration of two hours for which we charge $800 per vehicle with $200 per hour after that.


  • Of note is that you do not need to worry if your timings or other details do change as our policy is to only conduct one wedding per booked vehicle per day so you will have the ability to amend your timings, pic-up locations, number of passengers etc if circumstances change as we are very much aware that ‘life’ can get in the way of the best laid plans so when we say that; “you have us exclusively for your big day”, we mean just that.

How much is the deposit?

  • Provisional bookings may be made by phone or email.  Bookings will however only become confirmed when a $300 (non-refundable) deposit per vehicle is received and /or is accepted by Coastal Kombi’s pertaining to a given quotation within 14 days of the provisional booking.

When is the balance due and what payment options are available?

  • Full payment must be received a minimum of six weeks prior to the date of the wedding.
  • When bookings are made less than six weeks from the wedding date full payment is required when booked and the hirer must accept that a “No Cancellation Policy” and full charges will apply.
  • Payments may be made by direct bank deposit or cash.
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What happens if we have to cancel or change the date?

  • We remain aware that unfortunately circumstances can and do change and if we are able to accommodate the change of date we will do so and your transportation will continue as previously arranged.
  • You may cancel up to six weeks prior to the wedding (booking) date and receive a refund less the non-refundable $300 per vehicle deposit.

Is there a charge for getting to the first pick-up?

  • If your pick-up location is within our usual region (30 minutes travel from Ocean Grove) there is no additional travel charge.
  • If your wedding is outside of this region we charge $100 per hour per vehicle for the associated transit there and back.

What attire do your drivers wear?

  • Neat casual white/cream is the norm,  however it is your wedding and we will wear coat and tie, beach apparel or even a gorilla outfit if it makes your day, but the ‘full monty’ might be a bit much.  Just ask us and we will do whatever we can to make your time with us more enjoyable for you.

Can the Kombi’s go off road?

  • Due to damage that might occur to the vehicles it is preferable that the Kombi’s not travel upon unsealed roads however driveways or small stretches of unsealed roads are generally  OK.  Please advise us of your circumstances and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements, within reason.

Can we smoke in the vehicles?

  • Due to legal restrictions, No.

Can we drink in the vehicles?

  • Yes.  Coastal Kombi’s provides complimentary ice cold Corona Beers, chilled Prosecco, Water and yummy Lollies and Chockies for the Bride and Groom and their Bridal Party.

  • However, any overly intoxicated person that is deemed to be unable to travel safely will not be permitted to ride.

Can we apply makeup and hairspray in the vehicles?

  • Sorry no.
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Will the cars be decorated?

  • Each of our Kombi’s will have white wedding ribbons, please see our Facebook page for photos of previous weddings.  You may also choose to provide your own ribbon and/or flowers if you have a particular colour theme.

Umbrellas and parasols?

  • Each of our Kombi’s comes equipped with eight (8) umbrellas in case of inclement weather or too much sunshine.

Can we bring our Dog / Pets?

  • Yes we are a pet friendly service.  However please note that it will be your responsibility to clean up if your pet does a ‘woopsie’ etc.