Shannon & Raquel’s Wedding Day

What a day we had sharing in such a special moment with Shannon and Raquel and their wonderful friends and family. Just looking back on the photos brings a smile to my face and gives me a very real ‘warm fuzzy’ just remembering how awesome a day it really was.

It is always fantastic to have both of our girls, ‘Dormy’ and ‘Stormy’ involved in a wedding and our day started with ‘Stormy’ and Mark heading to Torquay to pick-up Shannon and his mates and taking them for a cool ‘Kombi Cruise’ around the Torquay area before heading over to the ceremony location at the wonderful Mount Dunned Estate, @mtduneedestate

Meanwhile ‘Dormy’ and I were collecting the beautiful Shannon, her gorgeous ladies and her very cool Dad. Wow what a splendid group of people to spend some time with and we had such a lot of fun as we travelled down the highway getting lots of waves and beeps from everyone passing by.

Now the weather on the day was a bit hit and miss with showers and a fresh wind however we managed to arrive at Mt Dunned Estate in sunshine and a rainbow with literally dark clouds and showers all around us. Decision was to still try and have the ceremony outside and so off we went, however halfway through a rain shower came our way so everyone dashed inside. What a great job the crew from Mt Dunned Estate did to achieve this move in a few minutes.

I have to say what a wonderful ceremony officiated by awesome Celebrant, Damon Hughes @marriedbydamon and all aspects certainly highlighted the clear and very obvious love that Shannon and Raquel have for each other and there were many moments of tears, laughter, joy and of course lots of love. Basically everything that you need at a wedding ceremony. Oh and the rain shower was very brief and the sun came out, got to love ‘Kombi Karma’ and Shannon and Raquel certainly deserved it.

After lots of hugs, kisses and congratulations with family and friends we were able, due to Shannon and Raquel’s awesome ‘Kombi Karma’, to head back outside to have family photos and then some amazing Bridal Party photos under the guidance of the fantastic photogs from White Rabbit Productions @whiterabbitproductions and videographers from Moon & Back Company @moon&backco . Very cool crew to work with.

We had a lot of fun with such an amazing group of people and I am so glad that ‘Kombi Karma’ came through for Shannon and Raquel and we were able to get some awesome shots to remember their special day as you can see below. However, all too soon it was time for everyone to head inside for the real celebrations of the day to begin and Mark and I headed home in kombi tandem with ‘Dormy’ and ‘Stormy’ with me thinking yet again as to how lucky we are to be able to do what we do.

Speaking of lucky ‘Dormy’ and I did come back later that evening to take the now tired but very happy Shannon and Raquel to their wedding night accommodations and they remarked to me as to how awesome their special day was and that everything was just perfect and they had the best day ever. Now you have got to love that.

Shannon and his crew all ready for their ‘Kombi Cruise’.
The beautiful Raquel
Glowing on her special day
All aboard and lets go get married.
Can never have too many pictures at a wedding.
Sometimes I wonder if giving the crew in the back my camera is a good idea! Shoe photos?
Ah, that’s better, very pretty.
That very special moment for a Father and his little girl to share.
The awesome Damon Hughes, so much fun.
Bit cold so this little one snuggled in ‘Stormy’. Will now definitely want a kombi when he grows up!
Such a great ceremony.
Rain showers on all sides.
After everyone dashed inside. Not the same without the people who make it special!
‘Dormy’ & ‘Stormy’ keeping watch!
Okay lets try that ceremony thing again shall we.
And the sun came out. Got to love ‘Kombi Karma’.
You may now ‘Kiss the Bride’.
Always love the ‘look’ immediately after that first kiss, one of my fav moments of any day.
All around rain but not on Shannon & Raquel. Go ‘Kombi Karma‘.
Yep these guys definitely have ‘the look’.
So happy with their ‘Kombi Karma‘.
Such a fun and lovely group of people.
H0w good is the sunshine!
So many great photos from this day.
Hey ‘Dormy’, looking good in the afternoon sun.
Your beautiful too ‘Stormy’!
While we focus a lot on our couples we also love spending time with their mates and these guys were awesome.
Can never have too much kissing at a wedding.
Cool shot.
Keeping warm!
Gotta love your sis!
So happy on her wedding day, and the sun shone!
Lovely, happy ladies.
Loved this lady.
Keeping warm in ‘Stormy’.
With our blankies in ‘Dormy’.
Sad but happy to depart from such a great day in their lives.
Thank you so much Shannon & Raquel for letting us share in your wedding day and we wish you much love, joy, health and happiness and of course continued great ‘Kombi Karma’ in your lives together.