Saturday Kombi Story

So today was a hot one weather wise and ‘Dormy’ and I had to travel down the Great Ocean Road to Lorne for another awesome wedding which I will post about separately.  Suffice to say that the Saturday of an Easter long weekend is not really a good time to be travelling the GOR however I promised to put some ‘Kombi Karma’ into Alicia & Shane’s wedding so we had to go!

Couple of things came up which I thought I would share with you out there in Facebook land.

One is, well, don’t travel the GOR over Easter.  It took ‘Dormy’ and I nearly three hours to get there in stop, start traffic. 

Second is that I have decided that I don’t particularly like cabbage moths.  Rather a harsh call I know but the little kamikaze buggers certainly made a mess of ‘Dormy’ and of course you know the joke about; “What goes through a bug’s brain as it hits your windscreen? yep, its bottom”.  Well suffice to say that I had to expend almost a whole bottle of Windex to clean all of the cabbage moth bum gunk off ‘Dormy’ upon our eventual arrival in Lorne, eek!  

Actually, one terrific thing about our day, well other than having another awesome gig with some more amazing and fun folks, is that ‘Dormy’ and I did manage to smash our all time (insert Swedish chef voice here), ‘Rolly, Polly record’.  Yep, while being stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic was not much fun, life is always about choices etc and I chose to approach this moment as a bit of fun and a Kombi challenge.  And this is how it all went down.

So ‘Dormy’ and I are kombi cruising down the GOR towards Lorne and I foolishly thought, “wow maybe this trip might be okay after all”, when traffic ground to a halt just before the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.  If you have never owned a Kombi let’s, just say that being air and oil cooled, they very much do not like being stuck in traffic in hot weather and as a result have the propensity to rather quickly overheat.  The way to help negate this is to obviously turn off the engine, however in stop-start traffic this can prove problematic! 

Coasting along, ‘Dormy’ and I made it to near Eumerella Scout Camp which is 4.7kms from the Anglesea roundabout and oh yeah baby, it’s all downhill from there.  And so, off with the engine and let the (again insert obligatory Swedish chef voice here), ‘Rolly, Polly’ time begin.  

Yep, absolutely smashed the previous ‘Rolly Polly’ record and I am sure that the other drivers and passengers must have thought I was a bit crazed doing the celebratory Dad Dance in ‘Dormy’ as we arrived at the Anglesea roundabout, but hey you have to rejoice in life’s highlight moments 😊.  

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