Sarah & Beau’s Special Day with Coastal Kombi Weddings

Wow another great wedding recently this time for the stunning and effervescent Sara and her man Beau.  Initially we were only going to take Sarah and her ladies however as it transpired Beau and his boys needed a lift as well and luckily ‘Stormy’ proved available and so it was some double ‘Kombi Karma’ on their day for them.

Our role started with Mark and ‘Stormy’ heading into Geelong to collect Beau and his mates before taking them for a relaxing cruise around the local area and Mark said it was lots of fun and that the boys were great value and helped to keep Beau from being too nervous before Mark dropped them off at Jack Rabbit Vineyard for Beau to await the arrival of his lady.

‘Dormy’ and I subsequently headed over to Armstrong Creek where we found the beautiful Sarah and her gorgeous ladies and her Dad all ready to go.  We had time to spare and it was wonderful that I got to be able to get to know the girls a bit as we took some photos before loading up for what was a great fun drive.  What a great group of lovely ladies and Sarah had indeed chosen well the close friends that she wanted to have intimately involved in her special day.  I had to of course do a drive-by down the main streets of both Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove to show off the stunning ladies, just ‘smile and wave’ girls, ‘smile and wave’.  Now the weather had been threatening rain all day and there were a few drops as we headed over to Jack Rabbit however I recounted my usual missive that we have not had rain during a ceremony yet and that Sarah was not to put the ‘mozz’ on me and my claim to fame about ‘Kombi Karma’.

Well thankfully yet again ‘Kombi Karma’ did in fact come through for me and it was indeed nice and dry, though a bit cloudy, as we arrived at Jack Rabbit.  It is always fabulous and fitting for a beautiful Bride to be the centre of attention on her wedding day.  This was certainly the case for Sarah as when we arrived lots of folks started coming out from the adjacent bistro, with many calling encouragement and voicing how gorgeous she was, and they then witnessed Sarah and her Dad walking to her patiently waiting man.

What a great location for a ceremony looking out over the Bay and their ceremony was perfectly officiated by the lovely Niki Currie ( who brought her usual warm and gregarious self to the day and certainly helped to capture the obvious love and affection that Sarah and Beau have for each other.  After lots of hugs and kisses and congratulations with family and friends it was then time for Bridal Party photos under the guidance of wonderful photog Jackie Coogan ( who was a lot of fun to work with and certainly captured the essence of the day.

What I really enjoyed during this time was to watch Beau really begin to relax and enjoy the moment with his mates now that the ‘hard part’ was over.  There were a lot of laughs and smiles and I must admit that it was certainly a lot of fun being with this great group of close friends celebrating in such an intimate and pivotal moment in time.  It was also very easy to discern that Beau and Sarah were indeed an ideal match and you could see that they brought a real harmony and balance to each other, way cool.

I was a bit saddened that it once again proved to be a rather rushed farewell from this wonderful couple and their lovely friends.  However as ‘Dormy’ and I headed home I was happy and content that our small role had gone well and that hopefully we had in our small way once more made some people even happier on their special day.

Thank you so much Sarah and Beau for letting us share in your wedding day and may you have much love, joy, health and happiness and of course continue great ‘Kombi Karma’ in your futures together.

Posted Under: 2018