Renee & Cam’s Wedding Day

‘Dormy’ and I really enjoyed being able to share in Renee and Cam’s day and giving them some of our ‘Kombi Karma’.

You may now ‘Kiss the Bride’.
Cam was very relaxed on his wedding day and very much looking forward to marrying the love of his life.
All aboard and lets go get married.
Always dangerous giving your camera to the crew in the back but sometimes you get some great shots, well except for my ‘boof head’ in the way.
Renee looking so beautiful on her special day, wow!
You can never have too much ‘wow’ on a wedding day. I am so glad that she had such great ‘Kombi Karma’.
All aboard with Dad and her special ladies, lets go get married. Oh and the sun shone!
Hey pretty ladies.
Cam waiting for the big reveal of his special lady. @curlewisgolfclub
A special moment for a Father and his little girl to share.
Always one of those special moments at a wedding.
Always a favourite moment after the first kiss. The hey babe we got married look.
So happy on their wedding day.
Thank you so much Cam & Renee for letting us share in your wedding day & we wish you much love, joy, health & happiness & of course continued great ‘Kombi Karma’ in your futures together.
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