Megan & Ryan

We had another wonderful day getting to share in the wedding of a very cool guy, Ryan and his vivacious and beautiful lady Megan.  Our day started with ‘Dormy’ and I heading into Geelong in rather heavy rain showers, and I could only hope that ‘Kombi Karma’ would be with us and thankfully the rain did indeed ease up just as we arrived to collect Ryan and his best mate.

The guys and I had a great ‘Kombi Cruise’ before I them at the Ukrainian Catholic Church and headed over to collect the stunning Megan, her lovely Mum and Dad and her gorgeous Bridesmaids. 

One thing that I love, and it is truly very humbling, is being able to share in such a special moment in time with our couples and their families and friends, and I certainly indeed feel blessed to be availed the opportunity.  A case in point was getting to spend time with Megan and her family and her ladies and I had a lot of fun with them and even with Megan’s little dog!  I was also so thrilled to see Megan’s face when she saw ‘Dormy’ for the first time, and she was so happy and delighted to have us as part of her big day.

More importantly the rain had stopped and we made our way back to the Church in sunshine, gotta love ‘Kombi Karma’.  I have never attended a Ukrainian service before and it was wonderful to get to do so and the ceremony was a mixture of the formal and the informal and proved to be a beautiful celebration of the obvious love and affection that Megan and Ryan have for each other.  And I have to say the choir was amazing (:

After photos at the Church, we loaded up into ‘Dormy’ and had a really great fun time and we headed all the way over to ‘Sokil Art Eco Retreat’, in Wensleydale.  I must admit to being a little concerned after the rain as there was quite a bit of dirt road driving required however ‘Dormy’ was her usual amazing self and we made it with no worries at all.

After a few more photos with this lovely bunch of people it was time for ‘Dormy’ and I to make our home in the setting sun and get ready to meet our next lovely couple.