Ellena & Thomas’s Wedding

I find it sometimes difficult to adequately describe how wonderful the weddings actually are that we have the privilege of getting to share in. Such a wedding day was one we did for the beautiful Ellena and her very cool man Thomas back in late 2019.

It is also always awesome, for a number of reasons, when both of my girls , ‘Dormy’ and ‘Stormy’, are involved in a wedding. But I also love getting to actually share in such a day with one of my best mates, in this case my mate, Andy, who drove ‘Stormy’ in his first ever gig.

By the way someone asked me once as to why do people bother getting married, isn’t it a waste of money, blah, blah, etc. My response is that its just another one of those genuine and heart-felt reasons to get our family and friends together to celebrate and share in such special, pivotal moments in life. I believe that ultimately these moments and the memories that they create are integral and essential in defining who ‘we’ are, where ‘we’ come from and where ‘we’ are going. And so for me getting to share in such moments with my couples and their families and friends is very humbling and enriching as I get to see and experience, at this moment in time, the essential and intrinsic love and goodness that resides in all of ‘us’.

And so on Ellena and Thomas’s wedding day Andy and ‘Stormy’ collected Thomas and his boys from Torquay and took them on a Kombi Cruise for some great mates time, with beers and a few photos, around the local area before depositing them at the RACV Resort to prepare for the big arrival of his beautiful Bride.

Meanwhile ‘Dormy’ and I were collecting the stunning and effervescent Ellena and her gorgeous fun ladies from 13th Beach Golf Links. Immediately upon arrival and meeting Ellena I knew that the day was going to be heaps of fun as she was so vivacious and happy on her special day and had surrounded herself with her besties who were very like-minded. We had a lot of fun getting photos with ‘Dormy’ before finally loading up and heading over to the RACV Resort for the big reveal to the patiently waiting Thomas.

It was a lovely intimate but very fun ceremony officiated by one of my favourite celebrants the ever ebullient and bubbly Jessie Bell, @jessiebellcellebrant. Jessie captured all of the wonderful aspects celebrating all of the reasons as to why Ellana and Thomas chose to marry the love of their life, and there was lots of laugh’s interspersed with a few tears as the ‘I Do’s’ were finally spoken. Very cool.

After congratulations and family photos we loaded everyone up into ‘Dormy’ and ‘Stormy’ and headed off for Bridal party photographs and while it was rather windy and a bit chilly ‘Kombi Karma’ was there for Ellena and Thomas as the rain stayed away and as you can see below we got some awesome photos and had a lot of fun with this awesome group of people.

As always all too soon it was time to take everyone back to the reception at the RACV Resort and for Ellena and Thomas to really get to celebrating and rejoicing in such a wonderful event with their families and friends. As we said our farewells and prepared to depart Andy remarked to me. “man that was so stressful but so much fun all at the same time, is it always like this?” I relied that it is always fun getting to be with and sharing in one of the happiest days of people’s lives and stressful yes because, while we only have a small role, I really want to make sure that our couples look back upon our involvement and love that we have provided them some great service and ‘Kombi Karma’ moments to add to their memories of such a special day.

Thomas and his boys.
All aboard ‘Stormy’ and lets go ‘kombi Cruisin’
Thomas and his mates at Bells Beach
I am not sure who had the most fun, the boys or my mate Andy!
Family rituals, down the hatch!
The beautiful Ellena & her gorgeous ladies

These ladies were so much fun
Such a bubbly and effervescent lady
So happy on her special day
So happy that Ellena loved ‘Dormy’
Can never have too much Wow at a wedding!
All aboard and lets go get married
Some of my best shots come from giving the camera to the crew in the back!
The awesome Jessie Bell, @jessiebellcellebrant helping with last minute ‘schoozing’
Thomas maybe a little nervous before the big reveal!
A very special moment for a Father and his little girl to share.
You may now ‘Kiss the Bride’
Always one of my favourite moments. Just after the kiss when there is nothing else in the world but each other.
Hey babe, we got married!
Hey ‘Stormy’
‘Dormy’ & ‘Stormy’ patiently waiting.
It may have been a bit windy and cold but these guys were so much fun.
Yep I think these guys are more than a little happy to have married the love of their life!
One of our key roles during photos is to keep the Bridal party well hydrated and blankies for the ladies!
Windy but great for veil shots!
Just as good in black & white
And ‘Kombi Karma’ was with us as the sun shone.
Me being all arty
Really enjoyed our time with this great bunch of folks.
So glad that they loved having us share in their special day
Yep, you can never have too much kissing at a wedding
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