Claire and Dean’s Wedding

Well after a bit more fun and games with my computer and getting my pictures messed up yet again I would like to get back on track and post some more of the great weddings that we have been lucky to share in.

One such terrific wedding was when ‘Dormy’ and I got to share in the special day of a really wonderful couple, the vivacious, exuberant and beautiful Claire and her very cool man Dean.  I first met these guys last year when they came for one of our ‘show and tell’ drives down the beach and I was also able to take them to some of the photo locations that I know in the local area.  Claire and Dean made the decision to have most of their photos taken before their ceremony and then the remainder after and so after some deliberations I managed to put together a Transport Plan that thankfully was able to meet their needs and wants for their special day.

And what a day it turned out to be as it was in bright sunshine that ‘Dormy’ and I made our way into Geelong to collect the stunning Claire, her gorgeous Bridesmaids and lovely family.  Claire was gorgeous and so happy and absolutely glowing on her special day and it was a really fun drive down to the first look location on ‘the spit’ at Ocean Grove where Dean, his best mates and family were awaiting the big reveal.  ‘Kombi Karma’ was definitely with these guys as you could not have asked for better weather as Claire made her way down the beach to her man who waited with his back to his lady.

I always talk about ‘the look’ and Dean definitely had ‘the look’ big time when he turned and saw the love of his life for the first time on their wedding day, a way cool moment.  After lots of hugs and kisses it was time for Bridal Party photos under the guidance of wonderful photo Amy from   Amy was fantastic and really helped to set the tone for the day and certainly achieved what Claire and Dean were after and I really liked working with her.

‘Dormy’ and I took the guys for photos to number of great locations in and around the Bellarine and it was also good to be availed the opportunity to get to know Claire and Dean’s mates better and they could certainly not have chosen a nicer bunch of people to be a part of such a special moment in their lives as all of the guys and girls were great value.  It was then time to head into Geelong where I dropped Claire and her ladies off for final ‘schoozing’ before ‘Dormy’ and I took Dean and the boys to ‘Ripples on The Bay’ to prepare for the ‘I Do’ aspects of the day.

After returning to collect the stunning ladies and Claire’s Dad it was only a short journey back to ‘Ripples’ for what was a really wonderful ceremony which incorporated a number of things that I really liked.  For example, I really enjoyed how Claire and Dean had chosen their Mums as their ring bearers.  Such a nice touch that visibly highlighted the love and appreciation that they have for their Mums.  I, and everyone in attendance, was also especially moved and touch by the very real emotion and love displayed by Dean during the reading of his vows, way cool moment.  For me it was one of the true highlights of a really great demonstration of the very obvious love and affection that this delightful couple have for each other.

After hugs, kisses, congratulations and photos with family and friends it was once again all aboard ‘Dormy’ and we headed into Geelong to a number of little alleys that I know that has awesome graffiti.  This gave Claire and Dean so time to really take in the moment that they had just married the love of their life and to also spend some special time with their close mates.  I must admit that I really enjoyed being a part of such a special moment and event with such wonderful people and it yet again substantiated and humbled me to again realise how blessed I am to have fallen into my little Kombi adventure at this time in my life.

Eventually our time was up and I had to get everyone into ‘Dormy’ and take them back to ‘Ripples’ where their family and friends were waiting for the real celebrations to begin.  But as ‘Dormy’ and I headed home I wasn’t too sad as I knew that I would soon meet some more lovely people and get to share in their special day.  Got to be happy with that!

Thank you so much Claire and Dean for letting me share in your special day and I wish you much love, joy, health and happiness and of course continued great ‘Kombi Karma’.

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