Brendan & Jessica’s Wedding

Well another awesome day getting to share in the wedding of the lovely Brendan and Jessica. Such a delightful couple who surrounded themselves with a very cool crew in their Bridal Party who were so much fun and helped make the day even more amazing and memorable.

My day started with ‘Stormy’ and I heading over to Portarlington to collect Brendan and his best mate, his doggie. Oh and also his human mates as well. After a few photos we went for a nice ‘Kombi Cruise’ in the local area before dropping them all at Jack Rabbit Vineyard for Brendan to await the arrival of the love of his life.

Meanwhile ‘Stormy’ and I quickly travelled over to Saint Leonards to collect the stunning Jessica, her gorgeous ladies, her Dad and two very cool little peeps who almost stole the show. Jessica was so happy on her special day and it was indeed a delight to be able to drive her and her lovely ladies.

It was a cloudy day however ‘Kombi Karma’ was with us as we arrived at Jack Rabbit and parked right near the ceremony location for the big reveal. What an awesome ceremony, it certainly captured all of the essential elements of such a special day, and then some, and definitely highlighted the obvious love and affection that Brendan and Jessica have for each other. I loved the inclusion of their ‘fur baby’ in their day, way cool.

After lots of hugs, kisses, congratulations and photos with their loved ones we all managed to load up into ‘Stormy’ and motor to a few photo locations around Jack Rabbit before arriving back to the Heli-pad for a few more last minute photos. Here I almost had to pry Brendan out of ‘Stormy’, and I think that if I had inadvertently left the keys in her he might have absconded with ‘Stormy’ and Jessica (:

I always love when our couples adore and cherish having our Kombis involved in such a special day in their lives and I sincerely hope that one day Brendan and Jess can indeed have a Kombi of their own.

My day didn’t end there however as I came back later that evening, this time in ‘Dormy’ so that Brendan and Jessica could experience both of our girls for their day. After an awesome sparkler farewell I took the now tired but still very happy couple to their wedding night accommodations. As ‘Dormy’ and I headed home I couldn’t help but smile about sharing in such another amazing day with such great people.

Brendan with his best mates!
Who’s the Best Man then!
Are we there yet!
Jess with her gorgeous ladies
So happy on her wedding day.
Very relaxed knowing she is marrying the love of her life
Always a bit trepidatious about giving my camera to the crew in the back, never know what they might get up too!
These awesome little ones almost stole the show!
A very special moment for a Father and his little girl to share.

How awesome is the vista @jackrabbitvineyard
It may have been cloudy but the rain stayed away. Gotta love ‘Kombi Karma’
Always a good day @jackrabbitvineyard
You may now ‘Kiss the Bride’
Hey babe we got married
Okay you can never have too much kissing at a wedding
Family time!
Brendan & Jess love their ‘fur baby’
Hey Babe!
All aboard, happiness anyone?
The hard parts over now.
Such a great group of people
So much fun
Yep Jess is happy
All the pretty ladies. Your pretty too ‘Stormy’. She can get a bit jealous!
Good looking boys as well.
So many good photos from the day.
Yep I may not get my seat back
I so hope that Brendan and Jess get their own Kombi one day!
Tired but very happy after such a wonderful day and night.