Brendan & Brittany

Wow what a lovely couple who surrounded themselves with some amazing and awesome fun folks in their Bridal Party who helped make a fantastic day even greater.

Big shout out to one of my favourite photogs the awesome Jake Hogan who did his usual ‘magic’ on the day and as usual delivered the goods with some amazing photos for Brendan & Brittany @jakehoganphotography

How this for a selfie in the back of ‘Dormy’ as we head off for Bridal party photos after a wonderful ceremony.
Brendan and his mates all aboard ‘Dormy’ and ready to go.
Brendan looking very relaxed and ready to go and marry the love of his life.
The beautiful Brittany with her gorgeous ladies who were so much fun.
So happy on her special day.
‘Kombi Karma’ was there for Brittany as the rain departed and the sun shone.
Can never have too many ‘wow’ shots.
All aboard and lets go get married.
Yep these ladies were so much fun. Maybe giving them my camera was not such a good idea after all, nah all good!
I was so happy that Brittany loved driving in ‘Dormy’. Remember to ‘just smile and wave boys, just smile and wave’!
A very special moment for a Father and his little girl to share.
Great location for a ceremony @ 13th Beach Golf Links.
You may now ‘Kiss the Bride’.
I think that Brendan and Brittany are rather happy to have just married each other. Again a very good camera selfie in the back of ‘Dormy’.
All the pretty ladies having a lot of fun during Bridal party photos. Your pretty too ‘Dormy’. (She can get a little jealous!)
Really enjoyed spending time with this wonderful group of people. Kinda hard to really call what I do ‘work’!
Sneaky pic when they thought no one was watching. I talk about ‘the look’ and these guys definitely had ‘The Look’.

Thank you so much Brendan & Brittany for letting us share in your wedding day and we wish you much love, joy, health & happiness & of course continued great ‘Kombi Karma’ in your future together.

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