Bonnie & Brendan’s Day

I meet some of the nicest people doing what I do and this was certainly the case for the wedding of another lovely couple, the gorgeous Bonnie and her man Brendan.  Now these guys were amazing by themselves but it was also their wonderful family and friends who really helped to make their day so memorable and who also genuinely made me feel so very welcome and appreciated.

My initial contact and coordination for their day was with Bonnie however this was then handed over to Events Manager Jessica from   Jessica was great to deal with and I am sure that Bonnie and Brendan were very happy with having Jessica’s capable hands at the helm.

And so, the big day arrived and ‘Dormy’ and I headed over to collect Brendan’s Mum and Dad and his awesome Grandparents.  I mentioned above about meeting some amazing people and this was definitely the case with these lovely folks and I really enjoyed taking them for a cruise out to one of my favourite places, ‘One Day Estate’, where Brendan and his mates were already waiting.

It was then a quick trip back into Ocean Grove to find Bonnie, her ladies and her Dad all ready to go with Bonnie very excited and thrilled to be going to marry the love of her life.  Bonnie was indeed beautiful and absolutely glowing on her special day and her ladies were also gorgeous and of course I had to take them for a quick cruise down the main street to show them off to everyone.  It was then a great, fun cruise out to ‘One Day Estate’ where Brendan was awaiting the big reveal.

What a great location for what was a fantastic ceremony officiated by wonderful Celebrant Chloe Jetson   Chloe was awesome with just the right mix of humour, anecdotes, ritual, inclusion and most importantly very much highlighted the obvious love and affection that Bonnie and Brendan have for each other.  Like most of the ceremonies that I witness this one too had many special moments with one that really stood out for me being when it started to drizzle a little.  Now the weather up to the day had been a bit nasty and I had informed Bonnie that we have not had rain during a ceremony yet and when it started to lightly drizzle the Best Man Jake grabbed an umbrella and held it over Bonnie’s head which was very cool.  But what was even cooler was when Celebrant Chloe said to Bonnie and Brendan, do you want to go inside and Bonnie asked her family and friends “well, do you want to go inside?” and they all responded with a bit resounding ‘NO’.  And guess what, the rain stopped.  Got to love ‘Kombi Karma’.

Of course there was a huge cheer when Bonnie and Brendan were pronounced and then it was lots of hugs and kisses and congratulations with family and friends.  I must say that I would have loved to take them for another cruise in ‘Dormy’ but time was against us and so we had photos around the Estate under the guidance of one of my favourite local photogs, the amazing Nic Stephens  But this time did avail me a good opportunity to get to know Brendan better and it was clear for all to see that he was so happy to have married his beautiful lady.  It then was time for their party and celebrations to really begin inside but I was lucky to be able to come back later that night to take the now tired but very happy Mr and Mrs to their wedding night accommodations.

Wow another great day with some more amazing and wonderful folks.  Thank you so much Bonnie and Brendan for letting me share in your special day and I wish you much love, joy, health and happiness, and of course continued great ‘Kombi Karma’ in your lives together.

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