What I Have Been Up To Lately

I have been very busy of late with the ongoing resurrection of our next Kombi, ‘Stormy’. ‘Stormy’ has turned out to be even rustier than I had thought and I would equate her to being like a big boxy onion on wheels, the more layers I peel the more she tends to make me cry.However, having previously restored our other Kombis ‘Dormy’ and ‘Ned’ I know that if I persevere that I can eventually bring her back to life.Now that’s easy enough to say but I know from experience that the reality is that there’s a lot more blood, sweat, tears and money to be shed before she will be able to drive off into the sunset with a happy Bride and Groom in the back.In fact I have actually come to appreciate that to restore a Kombi you need to be imbued with a certain type of mentality. My wife would say a dogmatic and possibly even ‘pigheaded’ one, however I would like to think I have more of a ‘don’t give up’ attitude.

Of course it could be argued that they are one and the same thing however regardless, restoring a car can be more than a little difficult and downright frustrating and annoying. Not to mention when you are doing it yourself there is no one else to subsequently blame and hence there are more than a few moments where it would be oh so easy to just give up.

Yeah as if that’s going to happen. And no I’m not pigheaded, well maybe a little!

You better be worth it ‘Stormy’.


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